About Us

REACH Make It recognizes that societal challenges like unemployment, crime and poverty must be met head on by the provisioning of appropriate skills.

About Us

“Reach Make It (RMI) is like a fresh breeze a real beacon of hope,”

the words of a mother of two of our students. . She was referring to the hope and opportunity RMI brought into her once hopeless and depressed space.It was really hard and difficult having two sonswho were borderline cases as far as drugs and gangsterism were concerned. On the verge of going over the proverbial precipice they heard about Reach Make It. And that changed the situation in which they find themselves. In order to have better appreciation for her statement one needs to understand the backdrop against which an organization like Reach Make It came into being.

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Operating in Cape Town, a city that is gang ridden, named as the murder and rape Capitol of the world.According to government statistics the unemployment rate is 27.7% in the country. That is determined without counting in the more than 3 million young people who gave up hope of looking for a job. The unemployment rate among young people in the townships is rated over 70% by other NGO sources. 

To date Reach Make It, has already trained over 700 people ranging from the poorest of the poor in welding. In the year 2018 RMI has also broaden the opportunity for the former disadvantaged, marginalized and unemployed to acquire a skill to earn a living in a decent manner by adding plumbing training.

Underlying Principles

Our Mission

 To bring affordable and accredited skills training to the poorest of the poor, the unemployed and youth of our country.

Our Vision

 We inspire, support and develop youth and communities

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